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When selecting the the thumbnails, you will download a .zip file also containing a note (sorry, because at the present moment, mostly in Italian. English versions are still under the way... even more sorry because of my English). It gives important comment, at the specified time in sec. from start (set for 25 f.p.s.). There are no sound or speech, since all this material is intended for live presentation.

If not otherwise specified, these are copies of materials used for public shows and school lessons at the Civico Planetario di Milano. Videos are excerpts or lower resolution versions of originals, which are significantly more extended and/or detailed. Please note that they are compressed by Divx , (Divx Player or divx codec, freely available on the web, may be required) so their quality is quite lower.

VRML models are for direct examination in 3D, with DeepExploration, or Netscape/ IE plugins (also freely available on the web).

The general rule for all this material is: no commercial use of it! If you like some of it for non-profit teaching or scientific purposes, I ask you just to give me credit of it... and please specify that this is not the full resolution and extent stuff!

For any other use, comment etc., please contact me (and be patient... I'll reply as soon as I can).

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Anno - stagioni

Earth, year and seasons (avi-Divx, 8,7 Mb).

Fasi Luna

Moon phases and positions, and detail of visible hemisphere. (avi-Divx, 1,7 Mb).

solstice - equinox

Light and darkness hours at different latitudes at solstices and equinox. (avi-Divx, 12,5 Mb).

Tempo solare - siderale

Solar and sidereal time. (avi-Divx, 1,7 Mb).


Lunar and solar eclipses: when do they occurr. (avi-Divx, 14 Mb)

Total and annular Sun's eclipses. (avi-Divx, 3 Mb).
A total solar eclipse: where can it be seen. (avi-Divx, 9 Mb).
Moon orbit
The Moon's orbit around the Sun and the Earth. (avi-Divx, 9 Mb).
Moon libration The Moon's libration. (avi-Divx, 10 Mb).


Motion of Earth and planets around the Sun, from different perspectives: apparent Sun's travel as seen from Earth. (avi-Divx, 8,8 Mb).

Celestial coordinates

Celestial sphere and coordinate system: how to chart the heavens. (avi-Divx, 4 Mb).

Time & Longitude

Time and longitudes. (avi-Divx, 13 Mb).

How far is the Moon: the lunar parallax (avi-Divx, 2,8 Mb).
Annual parallax: a proof of the terrestrial revolution, and an instrument for measuring stellar distances. (avi-Divx, 7 Mb).
Conical motion and precession of equinoxes: why zodiacal signs and figures don't match any more. (avi-Divx, 18 Mb).
Settimana From Earth to the fixed stars: the planetary order according to Aristotle (avi-Divx, 7 Mb).
Week days names
A star and spiral for days and hours: the weekly order of the planets. (English version, avi-Divx, 10,6 Mb).
Basic cycles of Maya calendar (avi-Divx, 45 Mb).
Eratosthenes' Earth measure. (avi-Divx, 18,4 Mb).
Conic sections and orbital motion. (avi-Divx, 1,8 Mb).
Eccentrics, aequanting points and ellipses: trying to approximate real orbits. (avi-Divx, 2,8Mb).
Homocentric spheres, epicycles & heliocentrism
Models for planetary motion: from the homocentric spheres to epicycles and heliocentric orbits. Full-extent video, Honorable Mention from N.S.F. Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge 2005; awarded for its category at the "Window on Science" 2007 International Festival. (avi-Divx, 28,3 Mb).
Retrograde motion
Models for planetary motion: the retrograde phase of external planets and the two main historic explanations. (avi-Divx, 3,9 Mb).
Retrograde motion internal
Models for planetary motion: a geocentric view vith epicycles, and how phenomena of internal planets can suggest a different setting. (avi-Divx, 20 Mb).
Retrograde motion internal
Models for planetary motion: Philolaus' Earth and anti-Earth (8,3 Mb).
Mysterium Cosmographicum
Mysterium Cosmographicum: Kepler's hypothesis about planetary order. (avi-Divx, 7 Mb).
 Keplero Harmonices Mundi
Harmonices Mundi: Kepler's music. Project by Anna Lombardi, music by Arcangelo Di Donato (video+audio .avi-Divx, ver.2, 14 Mb. Copyrights by the authors.)
The Antikythera Celestial Machine

The Antikythera Celestial Machine: fragments of genius from a legendary science.

From graphical project to mechanical model: a page to tell the story.

Galileo & solar spots
In 1612, Galileo charted solar spots for about a month. From his planar maps to a spherical model of solar rotation. (avi-Divx, 6 Mb).
Galileo & Jovian satellites
Observations of Jovian moons by Galileo night by night, and determination of their orbital motions. (avi-Divx, 2,6 Mb).
Moon maps
The first "Moon race": in the XVII century, telescopic exploration started the conquest of the new world. Maps and names to this day valid or still used. (avi-Divx, 17,6 Mb).
Foucault's pendulum. (avi-Divx, 7,8 Mb).
Aberratio luminis minor
Light's aberration: phisical and geometrical evidence of the terrestrial motion. (avi-Divx, 210 Kb).
Aberratio luminis major
Light aberration: overall view of stellar motions and the choice of proper coordinate system. (avi-Divx, 4,2 Mb).
Moon hemisphere toward Earth
Spin-orbit coupling: why the Moon keeps always the same hemisphere facing Earth. (avi-Divx, 22 Mb).
Newton's apple
Newton's apple: till when would it fall, and where? (avi-Divx, 1,4 Mb).
Doppler Wave parameters and Doppler effect (two videos, 12 Mb).
Free fall Free fall of different masses: an intriguing question (avi-Divx, 600 Kb).
Sun & Milky Way
Panoramic view of the Milky Way, and solar position within. (avi-Divx, 13,7 Mb).
Hertzsprung-Russell's diagram (revised by Mogi: H-R-M). Relationship between basic stellar parameters: temperature, brightness, mass. (avi-Divx, 1,5 Mb).
Hertzsprung-Russell's VRML
H-R-M diagram in VRML model, english version. (wrl, 730 Kb).
Hertzsprung-Russell evolution
Stellar populations and evolution in a classical H-R diagram (avi-Divx, 1 Mb).
Earth, Moon, Sun
Earth, Moon, Sun and a generic giant star in their relative sizes. (avi-Divx, 6 Mb).
Solar System
Dimension of the Solar System and surroundings: example with a soccer game field. (avi-Divx, 10 Mb).
Eclipsing binaries
Orbiting stars: sometimes they reveal themselves even when not individually visible. The case of eclipsing binaries (avi-Divx, 2 Mb).
Variable stars: the Cepheids and the lucky circumstance of their regularity. (avi-Divx, 2 Mb).
Tides: the basic mechanism (“ami del mar le amare maree?” Ciro Orefice, comandante = "do you love the sea's bitter tides?" Ciro Orefice, commander). (avi-Divx, 1,9 Mb).
Celestial coordinates VRML
The sphere of aequatorial coordinates: VRML model. (wrl, 280 Kb).
Sun neighborhood VRML
Sun and neighborhood: VRML model with the nearest 25 stars. (wrl, 420Kb).
blackbody Planck Wien
Blackbody thermal emission. (.avi-Divx, 4 Mb).
Einstein's train
1905-2005: a hundred years of relativity. An "old fashioned" videoclip to honour the critical view of simultaneity: the train experiment is a classic one in scientific literature. (Train model by Manuele Villa, freely available in the web). (avi-Divx, 8,1 Mb).
The speed of light has been first estimated in the ‘600. And just because Jovian satellites' ephemerides did'n work as expected. (avi-Divx, 8 Mb).
Comets and meteors
Comets and meteors: mechanism and relationship between the phenomena. (avi-Divx, 14,6 Mb).
Neutron star

How a neutron star is supposed to be: the case of "Geminga" pulsar according to the research and model of CNR in Milan. (avi-Divx, 4 Mb).

More of the story: .

Astronomical park
Proposal for an astronomical park: perhaps some Public Institution would like to make it? (avi-Divx, 13,9 Mb).




Hardware: Antikythera & other stuff


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